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This memorial site was opened in memory of John Springer by his Mom.  She has provided this place for family and friends to visit and light a candle.  John was born July 15, 1966 and he died suddenly at the age of only 40 years on September 26, 2006.  He is loved, remembered and missed.  John is survived by his wife Megan, son Robert who lives with his mother Julie and son Brandon who lives with his mother Michelle.  

     Precious Son -- by John's Mom

On the day you passed away 
I thought that I would die.  
I cried my heart out.  
I asked the Why?  Why?  Whys?

I thought I must be dreaming.  
"This can't be happening," 
as I wiped another tear.  

On the day that you were laid to rest -- my heart broke.  
It's so hard to be without you.  
Sometimes I just sit and cry.  
I wish we'd had more time, 
your life was too brief.  

How could I know that you would leave before me?  
That just isn't the way life is supposed to be.  

My arms once held that wonderful boy, my precious son.  

God will grant you comfort and eternal peace.  
I'll look forward to seeing you when my time comes.  

I miss your phone calls.  


The first time I met John was in a Korean Bar-be-cue Restaurant in Garden Grove.  He and Megan joined us for dinner there in October or November 1995.  He sure did enjoy the bul-go-gi, thin beef cooked over a flame right at the table.  Complimenting the beef on his plate, I'm sure there was a large serving of Kim-Chi.  

Jean and I were, or were about to become engaged and John gave us his blessing.  He and Megan had married shortly before our meeting with them.  

John enjoyed cars and took special pride in his black Mustang convertible.  I can't tell you what was the model year of that car.  But John could accurately identify many cars over 25 years old.  

As a journeyman carpenter, John was quite skilled, especially in steel framing.  Thought he spoke often of the great advantages of steel framing, Jean and I had not seen him at his trade until a few months ago when he put up a second wall in our living room to reduce sound transmission.  He had a good eye for a wall being true and that translated into an ability to easily communicate his ideas with a quick sketch of a construction detail.  

John had been doing a lot of reading about investing in real estate and even took the Marshall Reddick seminar on how to acquire property.  He was very imaginative and from time to time he would present ideas such as a steel framing invention on which he was working.  

His Mom was especially appreciative of his presenting her with a window air conditioning unit.  John and I worked together to install the unit in the living room.  I had been unable to figure out how to disassemble the existing window.  John quickly assessed the problem and found the quick and easy way to remove the glass and replace it with one piece of Plexiglas surrounding the air conditioner.  

John spoke often of talking with his sons Robert and Brandon, taking delight in their individual activities and accomplishments.  

They say you can't take it with you, but I think that John has his tape measure in the hereafter measuring for some heavenly project.  

So long John, you left too soon.  

Thanks to all the visitors who have lit a candle or made an entry in John's Tributes and Condolences.  

Jean, John's Mom

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