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Miss you  / Jean (Mom)

I am crying because I miss you so much
You came to my life 40 years ago.
The joy and happiness into my heart
 beginning that day was the start of
 the most special relationship I would have in my life. 
To love and care for you, and to feel needed and loved by you 
in return was the best.  You were my world.  
My son, I miss you more than words can say,
 I only hope you can feel all of my love.

We'll Never Say Goodbye  / Jean (Mom)

I can not see you with my eyes
or hear you with my ears.
But thoughts of you are with me still
and often dry my tears.
You whisper in the rustling leaves
that linger in the fall
and in the gentle evening breeze
I am sure I hear your call.
A part of you remains with me
that none can take away.
It gives me strength to carry on
at dawning of new day.
I think of happy times we shared
and then I softly sigh.
but this I know-
W'll meet again and never say goodbye.

By Larry Howland

The me used to know  / Jean (Mom)

My life was filled with many things
people, places I must go,
I was happy, as many are,
I haden't yet lost 
The me I used to know.

Then came that Autum
turned into darkness,
empty arms, for the child that I loved so,
In losing him, I lost myself
The me I used to know.

Through all these years
seasons come and seasons go,
but as for me,
I can never go back and become
The me I used to know.

By Lynn McCurday

Memorial / Jean (Mom)
In loving Memory of John  / Jean (Mom)

Loving God, a candle burns in my heart 

and warms my soul.

 It never flickers. It never wanes. 

It is the memory of those I love

who are now at home with you. 

I ask you to keep them close to your heart.

Keep them in the bright flame of you love.

Eternal rest grant to them O Lord.  

Let perpetual light shine upon them

and may their soul and the souls

of all the faithful departed by 

the mercy of God rest in peace

Trust the Creator  / Jean (Mom)

Dear God 

May all the tears I cry

and the tears I have not cried

But hold within

Pour forth into your hands.

Thinking of you Angel John!!  / Terry-Faiths Mom
September Angels  / Jean Fletcher (Mom)

September....The Month you died you left I cried

September....Took you away that dreadful day

September....the moment you left I shall never forget

September....The last hug and kiss forever to miss

September....Memories bittersweet a life incomplete

September....The pain in my heart so torn apart

September....Longing for you is all that I do

September wish you were here another long year

In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies that left in September

Lyndie Sorenson

Butterfly / Jean Fletcher (Mom)

Grief is not a sign of weakness, 

nor a lack of faith.

It's the price of love.

11 months missing you today  / Jean Fletcher (mom)

11 months today God took you to heaven. 

Not a single day passes without thinking of you.
Most of all I miss you so much, You were

coming down from condo stairs dressed in tie 

you look so handsome I felt so proud.  You 

are my son and I am your mother.

Why am I still asking questions?  You are 

gone too soon.  Your first word, first step, first 

date, first car, your wedding, my first I don't have those measures 

with you anymore.  All I have is time and it only 

seems to make the hurt worse.  Emptiness will 

never go way.  The sun still comes up, I still 

have to function; I am stuck with this pain, this 

grief and what do I do with it?  My passion for 

life is gone, I have no fear of death anymore.  

This world is so filled with unhappiness, I am 

lost and alone.  I don't connect with friends 

anymore and spend more and more time 

alone.  I avoid celebrations.  I exist now getting 

through one day at a time.  

My spirit is broken, my heart is shattered.

I am still crying.

I tried calling God today  / Jean Fletcher (Mom)

I tried calling God today

To ask him why he took my John away

I couldn't find the right extension

But then for a moment I felt a connection

He said to me...I didn't take him away you see, I've taken him to Heaven with all the angels and me.

He is now an angel flying high in the sky above, His wings are huge and gleaming white like a baby dove.

I know you feel the pain just as everyone else does, but you must know it is  all of you that he loves

He is in Heaven on this very special Day, I wanted him with the angels to celebrate.

So try not to be so sad, I know it is hard to be anything near glad.

But he is my Son, my Child, my Angel and is safe with me, he is in
Heaven not with his soul at ease.

His soul has lifted and is free at last, There is no more suffering no pain he must grasp.

He is there with you he is in your heart ...he is in Heaven 
now and has made a new start.

I believe in Angels  / Jean (Mom)

If Tears Could Build A Stairway  / Jean Fletcher (Mom)

My son  / Jean Fletcher (Mom)

On the day God took you

I thought that I would die

I wondered where the time went?

I asked alot of whys??

with people all aroud me

I felt alone inside

From all their words of comfort,

I couldn't seem to hide.

I thought I might be dreaming

that I'd wake and find you here,

I thought"this can't be happening."

As I wiped another tear, 

On the day that you were laid to rest

My heart broke yet again,

I wondered if the pain would end,

But mostly, I wondered when??

It's hard to be without you, 

At times the days seem long,

Sometimes I just sit crying,

When there's realy nothing wrong, 

I wish we'd had more time,

Before your life was done.

I hope your restin peacefully,

My precious one.

Thinking of you Angel John!!  / Terry-Faiths Mom (Friend of moms )
Broke my heart  / Jean Fletcher (Mom)

It only seems like yesterday since you went 

away, God called for you to earn your 


 Oh how it broke my heart that day!

As time goes by I wonder if things will 

get any easier for me...

Why did you have to go away, just tell me 

how can this be?

Life can seem so unfair when we lose the 

ones we dearly love,

you find yourself wondering just 

what you're worthy of.

One minute all you love is there and

In an instance 

it's all gone, although I have your 

memories, how I carry on?

I know a part of you is still here with me 

and will forever be,

Inside my heart I carry you and all your 


Each time I feel I am all alone and that 

you're far 

away...I'll look inside this heart of mine, 

where you'll forever stay!

by Dawn Elmore

Thinking of you Angel John and your special mom!!  / Terry-Faiths Mom (Friend of moms )
In Gods Hands we Trust!! Thinking of you Angel John!!  / Terry-Faiths Mom
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